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Land dispute over proposed women’s college in Fatehpur Beri


After Delhi University took possession of a 16-acre plot of gram sabha land proposed women’s college in Fatehpur Beri in south Delhi in the village and instantly faced a challenge in having it fenced as ordered by the Delhi government due to the noise of the construction.

The land belongs to Gulab Singh Tanwar of Saarthi Airways, a popular private air charter service, and also has a helipad on the premise of his.

On July 15, the university was handed over the land in south Delhi by the government to build a college in the rural region. To which the nearest DU college is 13km away, rendered more inaccessible by the lack of proper public transport.

It is a good proposal meant to empower girl children and the people in the area to support the mission of education.

The land has been given free on lease to DU for 99 years. It is the responsibility of the university to get permission from civic authorities before construction of the college buildings begin.


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