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Khattar’s silence disappoints Arvind Kejriwal


Earlier this month CM Kejriwal penned a letter to Haryana CM ML Khattar challenging him to conduct surprise visits to Mohalla Clinics in the National Capital.

After getting no reply from Khattar, Kejriwal again sent in a letter expressing his displeasure over the Haryana CM’s silence and ignorance.

Kejriwal wished to conduct cross-examination of the ‘mohalla clinics’ to look at the ground reality of health in the two regions.

“I had written a letter to you on November 2, but received no reply. I felt a little bad about this. No matter how many political differences we may have, it is expected that a chief minister will respond to the letter of another CM,”

Mr. Kejriwal stated in his latest letter.

He also targeted poor medical and education facilities in Haryana as the contributing factors in BJP’s downfall in upcoming election. Further Kejriwal asked to give him a suitable date for inspection.

This comes in after Haryana CM dubbed delhi government run mohalla clinics as ‘halla’ clinics.


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