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Kejriwal requested by BJP to bring the Universities out of the “Economical Crisis”


Aam  Aadmi Party (AAP)  Government was blamed by the Opposition BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) for not giving ample funds and grants to all the Delhi University affiliated colleges strangling them into a deep Financial Crisis. The leader of Opposition in the Delhi Assembly Vijendar Gupta pleaded Arvind Kejriwal to take adequate measures in order to liberate the required sanctions and funds to the college.

These colleges should get instantaneous succor for easy and productive functioning of the Colleges, it is the primary duty of Delhi Government to look for needs of Students, University and staff members as well. Mr Gupta added further that the onus lies on the Government, if the pending funds wouldn’t be given on time it is going to hamper the introduction of new academic programs and courses. It is becoming a matter of deep concern among teachers and students.

According to Mr Gupta, the salaries of the employees are yet to be paid. If the aforementioned issue prevails, it is going to be difficult for the Varsity to even pay the pending as well as upcoming fees to the students. Some Government Colleges in Delhi have preluded fresh academic courses and programmes. But they are failing miserably to achieve the desired goals because if the requirements of surplus teaching strengths and administrative staffs.

The nescience of the Government of Delhi is going to create a conundrum. The ramifications of this muggy situation is going to vitiate the Educational system of Entire nation. Thus the AAP Party should calibratedly analyze the situation what’s more,  they should orchestrate funds as well as grants for the complete augmentation of Varsities. The Opposition is also demanding that the party should ensure that the matter should be handled with lightening speed.


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