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Journalist Asserts to be Assaulted by MJ Akbar


Pallavi Gogoi who is the chief business editor of NPR has insinuated that MJ Akbar, who is a former Union Minister had raped her 23 years ago while she was working as a journalist at Akbar’s newspaper, The Asian Age.

Akbar latterly had to step down from his post after a series of sexual harassment proclamation.

Akbar first sexually decked Gogoi in 1994 as reported by her first- hand account published in Washington.

Gogoi inscribed in her Washington post saying,

“I went to show him the op-ed page I had created with what I thought were clever headlines. He applauded my efforts and suddenly lunged to kiss me. I reeled. I emerged from the office, red-faced, confused, ashamed and destroyed.”

Gogoi testified that it was not the endmost time Akbar made an unbidden sexual advance to her.

Gogoi was invited by Akbar for a magazine launch in Mumbai a few months later.

Gogoi delineated the occurrence, “When he again came close to me to kiss me, I fought him and pushed him away. He scratched my face as I ran away, tears streaming down.”

She communicated in her Washington post that Akbar threatened to fire her if she tried to resist him again. This was soon after the incident in Mumbai.

Gogoi continued her work with perseverance. As a part of a work errand, She was soon taken to Jaipur. On the grounds of discussing work, Akbar had invited Gogoi to his hotel room to discuss the detail of the story.

She penned, “In his hotel room, even though I fought him, he was physically more powerful. He ripped my clothes off and raped me. Instead of reporting to the police, I was filled with shame.”

For the next few months, the sexual abuse continued. Akbar continued to debase her sexually, verbally and emotionally.

As stated by Gogoi, Akbar would burst into loud tantrums if he saw her interacting with other male colleagues of her own age. She stated it to be intimidating.

After Gogoi was sent to London, a specific incident finally made her put an end to the years of tribulation that she was being forced upon by Akbar.

Akbar was displeased when he spotted Gogoi talking to her male colleague in London.

Gogoi delineated, “After my colleagues left work that evening, he hit me and went on a rampage, throwing things from the desk at me – a pair of scissors, a paperweight, whatever he could get his hands on. I ran away from the office and hid in Hyde Park for an hour.”

After this incident, she put down her papers and when Akbar was contacted by the Washington Post, he denied all the above allegations and claimed them to be false.


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