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Jawa vs Enfield Classic 350: Battle of the Bikes


For the bike lovers who like to ride their bikes with pride, numerous options are always available to invest in. One must always compare and set out to get the best out of the deal before finalizing it. Here is an insight view at two of the most popular bikes for Indian roads and comparing what you get from each.

Models compared-  JAWA 293cc vs. RE Classic 346cc

Priced at a sweet Rs 1.64 lakh is the Jawa while Royal Enfield would ask you to pay Rs. 1.39 lakhs for its Classic 350. The former has a liquid cooled, Single cylinder, DOHC engine while the other possesses a Single Cylinder, 4 strokes, twin spark engine. The bikes have an engine displacement of 293cc and 346cc and power stands at 27.37 PS and 20.07 PS @ 5250 rpm respectively. Both the bikes are at equal footing when it comes to torque and no. of cylinder i.e. at 28 Nm and 1 cylinder in each. Jawa has a total of 4 valves per cylinder whereas its competitor has 2 valves. The former contains a fuel injection fuel system while the latter has a carburetor.  Both the bikes run on Petrol.

While Jawa has 6-speed gears its counterpart has 5-speed gears. Both the models have Disc front brakes and Drum rear brakes. Both possess tube tyres and the wheel type is spoke for both of them. A minimal difference arises at the wheel Base with Jawa at 1369 mm and Classic 350 at 1370 mm. Classic 350 gives you a smooth ride with a ground clearance of 135 mm and a seat height of 800 mm whereas Jawa gives you 765mm. Jawa has a fuel capacity of 14 L while the former one has 13.5 L capacity. Jawa offers only self-start and has a single Channel ABS while Classic 350 lacks the ABS but offers both kick self-start. Both have the analog speedometer but neither has the warning fuel lamp or the side stand alarm.

Both the bikes give a vintage vibe and have a great history attached to them. If you are on a budget, the Jawa 300cc will be a good option. However, Royal Enfield has been in the market for years now unlike the Jawa which was off the market for some time. You will be much aware of the pros and cons of owning a Classic 350. Also, the sound of both the bikes differs significantly. A rider falls in love with the thump and the riding experience makes one attached to the masterpiece. We recommend you visit the showroom to check out each bike before making the final decision.

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