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Iron rods fall on DU student

Iron Rods Fall On DU Student
Iron Rods Fall On DU Student

A DU student was driving by a construction site in Roop Nagar ( Delhi) when a pile of iron rods fell on her.

The injured girl is Divya, who is a student of Delhi University. She is a freshman and is studying philosophy from a college in DU’s North Campus.

“We were planning to go to a nearby coffee shop to have some snacks. But as soon as she stepped out of the PG, the rods fell on her”,

Divya’s brother told the cops.

The incident caused multiple fractures on her left shoulder and injuries on her ear.

Delhi police has registered a case of negligence against the contractor of the construction site and he has been detained. The cops are investigating the matter.

It is not the first time that negligence has caused such an incident. The outcomes of such negligence can be fatal. Proper techniques of performing work should be abided at all times.

Picture Credit: Google Images


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