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Indian Students Take Maximum Tutorial Lessons


The maximum number of tutorial lessons are being taken by Indian Students.

According to statistics,74% have chosen extra lessons in mathematics.

A Global Education Survey has found that 72% of the school goers are into extracurricular activities.

With a high amount of extracurricular participation, there has been a considerable low amount of involvement in sports.

When it comes to participation in children’s education, Indian parents are ranked at 66% of those who have been surveyed.

The total connivance of the students in extracurriculars is about 50% and the rest is into education.

These findings are a part of the Cambridge International Global Education Census Report. The report focused on 10 countries including the US, Pakistan, Malaysia, South Africa, and Argentina apart from India in the list.

Indian families provide a strong base for education than many other societies. The Indian Sample Size included 4000 teachers and 3800 students.

Medicine and Engineering remain the most popular career aspirations of Indian Students. India also accounts for the highest aspirants of upcoming scientists.

Highest in the world,16% of the students aspire to become software engineers.

84.7% study English with Mathematics as the second leading subject which is followed by Physics and Chemistry.

More children are involved in educative matters as compared to sports in the current era.

Students have also taken up online courses which are not even a part of their curriculum


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