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India Unveils the Statue of Unity!


The most awaited inaugural of the worlds largest statue costing an exorbitant sum of 29.9bn rupees has finally been unveiled.

An accolade to the Independence leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel has been dedicated by his homeland in the form of an exceptional, monumental and prepossessing sculpture which is known as the “Statue of Unity”.

The Statue stands at a height of 182 metres in the western state of gujarat and has been embedded with bronze.

Our honorable Prime  Minister Narendra Modi stated in his declamation while addressing the gathering during the inaugural ceremony that the “Statue of Unity” would succour as a  vital tourist attraction.

On contrary to all the ballyhoo, the locals expressed there dejection by exclaiming that this was a clear squander of public money and there could have been a  better way to the utilisation of these funds.

The Statue of Unity is a symbol of India’s Integrity and Resolve.Flowers were showered upon the majestique statue by the Indian Air Force which was delineated by Indian sculptor, Ram Vanji Sutar.

Thousands of Policemen have been garrisoned across the district which had observed an occurrence of violence and protest over the figurine.Police also incarcerated farmers and tribal activists who were out on their protests.

The farmers are stipulating compensations for the land that according to the farmers have been amassed by the government for various projects including the memorial on the pretext of the Statue.

The funding for the effigy for more than half of the total amount has been taken care by the Government of Gujarat and the remaining amount had been paid by the Federal Government or Public donations.

The statue is almost double the size of the Statue of Liberty and it has overshadowed the height of the Spring Temple Buddha in China which, at 128m, was previously the tallest in the world.

Although, doesn’t look like it will be the tallest effigy for long ,as the construction of a memorial  to the Maratha warrior king Shivaji that is estimated to be 190m tall is in progress.




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