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Increase in seats under ECA and Sports category


In case of higher demand, Delhi University(DU) colleges are likely to increase the number of seats that are reserved for the Extra Curricular(ECA) and Sports categories at the department level, although the five percent cap will still be maintained.

Till the last year of admissions, this rule was only applicable to the ECA category, only this year there has been made an extension of this rule, to the Sports category as well, which was decided in a meeting on Monday.

A maximum of five percent has to be of the ECA and Spots categories, out of the total intake of students. According to an official, the vacant seats that are left out in any department, that aren’t filled up, will be transferred to another department but without breaching the five percent cap.

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The official also stated that it has been observed that the students who take admission under ECA and Sports categories, mostly opt for Humanities and Social Science Programmes, rather than Science, as they feel they might not be able to cope up with the study pressure that is there in Science. So, in such cases, the seats under ECA and Sports categories may be left vacant in some departments.

These vacant seats will be transferred to another department, where there is a higher demand. Simplifying it further, a professor explained, that if a college has a total of 1,300 seats, out of that 65 seats, that is 5%, will be reserved for ECA and Sports categories. 25:40 might be the ratio of ECA and Sports.

If for example, there is one seat in each department for the mentioned category. This one seat is vacant in department Y but in department X, it has been given out to a student already and has another aspirant lined up, then the vacant seat from Department Y will be transferred to department X.

“However, in case a greater demand in a particular course, up to a maximum of double the number of seats sanctioned under the ECA and Sports categories in the said course may be admitted by a college, subject to the overall ceiling of five percent”, mentioned a circular given out by DU.

“The move would ensure that only the deserving students got admissions to the University”, said Rasal Singh, a member of the DU Academic Council.

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