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How to Open Your Own College Society?


Societies are there to discover the best in oneself by identifying a new skill. A skill is different from talent since it can be given birth, molded and nurtured with regular polishing. Therefore, it is necessary to open a society which can hone one’s talents and give them immense opportunity to express themselves.

You need to consider the following aspects while starting a society –

1) A proactive plan:

Identify a unique idea and make concrete plans to cover that aspect which is missing in college societies. Also, consider the benefits it is going to serve the students in a significant way.

2) A clear vision:

Pinpoint your foremost goals and the events you would be organized during the year to make your proposal look like a convincing plan in front of your faculties.

3) Find out a diligent team:

You can invite your dexterous friends or may hire through the means of forms or interviews your initial society team members. The focus should be on finding efficient as well as effective team members.

4) A well- defined idea about the structure of society:

You should have a brief idea about the departments your society might need such as marketing, operations, and many more.

5) Support from faculty:

You can approach either your department head or any faculty member you share good relations with and share your idea so that they can communicate it to the higher authorities. You should attempt to approach a teacher who have good relations with the principal as well as with you.

6) Use proper leadership techniques:

You should employ transformational leadership techniques instead of transactional leadership because it is necessary to build healthy relations with team members.

7) Arrange funds:

Each society is eligible for funds up to 1 lakhs (in rupees) in few north campus colleges and it is somewhat same at other colleges too. You need to take proper measures so that the required funds are available.

Societies are demonstrated to be the significant pillar of human upbringing in artistic and creative ways. Thus, these should be formed after proper research and after considering the benefits it is going to deliver to its members.

Hope this article will help you in opening a phenomenal society.


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