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How some goons in Universities make the atmosphere unsafe for others?


Amity University incident is not the only one, we come across innumerable cases each day and it’s extremely disgraceful to hear reports of violence in various Universities. In this particular instance, three students of Amity University, Noida were beaten and thrashed by 20 to 25 people over a minor parking dispute.

Their mistake was that they asked two girls to give them the way inside the campus. However, these girls refused and threatened them of grievous repercussions. Meanwhile, the guard intervened and helped them to get the car inside. Then they all left the place and those boys went to their class. After an hour, the girl brought 20-25 boys inside their class. They started throwing chairs and created a hassle in class. Many students were hurt during the whole chaos.

Subsequently, out of fear, they called the PCR Van. While they were waiting for PCR, 20-25 people came towards them with rods, stones, sticks, and bricks and started beating them again. Each of them got several stitches on the head leaving them in an immensely critical condition.

Moreover, when they went for FIR, at that moment they find that the girl has already filed an FIR against them on the charges of molestation. Now, this incidence raised a question upon feminism, that we need to understand that not all men are bad and not all women are victims.

Furthermore, in this case, even if the girl had been molested, she could have informed the authority instead of directly handling a situation in a way which is totally unacceptable. Also, this instance has raised the question on the administration that what they were doing?

Again, we need to comprehend that this is not an issue that affects a single individual but it has created a threat in everyone’s mind. These goons have made an unpleasant atmosphere for all. Sincere guys who want to study diligently are reluctant to attend classes after such happenings.

Indeed, concrete steps are required to be taken against those insensitive guy who have beaten three guys so brutally that they cannot recover themselves after a number of days. Also, the erroneous girl shall be punishable. Only then an example could be set and Universities environment will become secure for everybody.


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