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Good Resume: the key to a successful career

Good Resume: the key to a successful career
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A resume is a brief written summary of an applicant’s employment and education history along with his skills, knowledge and potential contributions. It might be brief but do not underestimate its power.

It goes a long way. It can either make it or break it apart for you. A good resume plays an important role in making you excel in your career. You should never underestimate its importance.

Here a few reasons why a good resume can make you successful:

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First impression

A resume acts as a bridge between you and your prospective employer. You must have heard how first impressions are last impressions. Your resume is your first impression on the employers. It reaches their office before you do. It does half the work for you. So it becomes pertinent that you have a good, structured and concise resume.

Talks about you as a professional

A resume lays down your professional identity before prospective employers. It is more than a document. It contains your past, present and future. Your resume show what you have done in the past and what you are currently pursuing. It hints at the trajectory of your career. It shows where exactly you are headed.

Tool for Marketing

Yes, you read it right. A resume is used as a tool for marketing. It creates your brand and showcases your knowledge, skills, experience and accomplishments. A well-written resume markets your skills and strengths accumulated over the years. You need a resume which stands out in order to grab the employers’ attention by showing him that you are the best choice for the job.

Skill seller

A good resume is essential to selling the skills you accumulated over the years through different jobs. Employers nowadays want to see how you can utilize your skill set for the betterment of their company.


A good resume must sell your strongest skills and accomplishments to show that you are a match for the vacant position. It shows that you are the most suitable candidate.

Grabs interviews

The ultimate purpose of a resume is to get an interview with a prospective employer. You can create a strong impression through a good resume without even going to their office. When the employers view your skill set and how you can prove beneficial for their company, it becomes easy for you to get an interview.

Brings opportunities

An excellent resume has the power to open doors to a myriad of opportunities. It describes your qualifications and what makes you unique. Your uniqueness stands out giving you an opportunity.


A good resume shows your achievements. It tells your success story to prospective employers. It makes you appear attractive.

In conclusion, you need a concise, well-written resume that is laid down according to your strengths.  It is, no doubt, the key to a successful career. Opportunities are everywhere. You must always be ready with a quality resume.

Happy job hunting!

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Picture Credit: Grad Singapore


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