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Good quality booze, but expensive


Come August 31st, any booze that is older than 8 days is to be disposed of in Delhi, according to the rule imposed by the Delhi Government. This rule is intended to be a kick in the face of alcohol larceny and adulteration.

The alcohol business in the capital has an annual turnover of more than 4,000 crore INR. No wonder this rule has sent the entire market into a tizzy.

According to the policy imposed by the excise department, any establishment serving alcohol will have to first serve the stock purchased earlier. Alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, champagne, and alcopop can be kept atop counters only for three days.

This policy also entails that five days will be the time cap on drinks such as gin, vodka, rum, scotch, tequila, and whiskey having an MRP of 1,500 INR. Also, liquors having a cost between 1,500 INR and 6,000 INR are allowed to be sold/served for a maximum of eight days. Failing to dispose of the stocks within the given time caps will lead to the stocks being deemed consumed and have to be removed from the counters.

Failing to comply with these policies will lead to severe penalties. The liquor license of the alcohol-serving establishment failing to comply with this policy will be suspended and canceled. Any further violation will lead to suspension and/or cancellation of the excise license and black-listing.

This policy has received mixed reactions. On the one hand, consumers are delighted that this move will ensure the quality of their drinks and help curb alcohol adulteration.

On the other hand, restaurants and bar-owners are losing their sleep over this. They believe that this move will lead to them losing many premium customers who prefer premium brands as these liquors are not always available and need to be stored. These establishments also believe that the prices going up as a result of this move will hit them hard. Indian Wine Academy, a private consultancy believes that this move will only end up increasing corruption in an already corrupt government. 


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