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Good news for DU SOL students


First time in the History the University of Delhi collaborated with the School of Open Learning (SOL) and the Non-Collegiate  Women’s Education Board (NCWEB) to conduct exams as well as classes.  They are all set to incorporate the Choice based credit system (CBCS) following the Execute Council’s July 21 announcement that these institutes will now be getting equal benefit with regular colleges also the new improved curricula of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses will be valid for them.

Motives of SOL and NCWEB :

  • SOL is planning to set up a student support system.
  • NCWEB is thinking of taking up Entrepreneurship classes and counseling sessions for student to help them in every sphere. 

The statement of Ramesh Bhardwaj, the OSD at SOL is self-explanatory and gives light on this advancement. According to him, “This move was necessary as our education policy states that regular and open learning should have parity and a similar system. It was important the student of SOL also gets the advantage of the CBCS system.”

Perks of Open learning :

  • SOL used to conduct annual exams and now there will be semester exams.
  • SOL will form its own academic calendar like regular colleges and they will keep an extra 10 days for further classes to finish off their syllabus.
  • SOL will be in touch with NCWEB and share content with them and appoint guest teachers together.
  • They will hold their weekend classes together in over 50 colleges and centers.
  • The most important point is that your degree is now equivalent to a regular college.

A very unique initiative of this program is that the Third year and PG students will be asked to assist students during admissions, they will be considered as an intern and would be awarded certificates. Commencement of the new session: First week of September   


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