No one could ever imagine that a normal argument over the girl could lead to such egregious murder of the 19 year old DU student, Subham Srivastav. When the belligerent bevy of boys accompanied with Aman (the murderer) met with Subham in order to “settle a situation” related to former’s girlfriend, stabbed was Subham with a knife in fit of rage. This heinous crime took place in a park in Patel Nagar.

Subham Srivastav was studying in University of Delhi as a BA ( hons) student and was rumoured to have a relationship with a girl who used to study in same tuitions with him. But reportedly the duo were not in good terms for past two days and were having tussle. Thus the couple were not in talking terms. On Monday a classmate of Srivastav spot the girl with Aman and took a picture of her with Aman. After receiving the picture Srivastav fuelled with Anger along with his buddies Subham Gupta and Lokesh Aggarwal confronted and striked Aman for getting close to the girl. It is also evident that Srivastav has called up the girl and argued for the same.

When asked by the cops ,one of the friend of the deceased, Gupta said that Srivastav had received a phone call from Aman which was to meet him up at Rock garden,  Patel Nagar to sort out the matter between the two. Thus Srivastav appealed his two friends to come with him. When they reached at the spot they were amused to find some teens awaiting for them. Slowly and steadily when the quarell started to become intense,  Aman took out his knife and jabbed inside his chest. Srivastav fell unconscious on ground ,Aggarwal with the help of e-rickshaw managed to reach the RML hospital where Srivastav succumbed to his injury died while others are being treated.

According to the bereaved family they were unaware to his son’s relationship with the girl and are still in shock.


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