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Fellow classmates extend helping hands for Kashmiri pals


The conundrum faced by Kashmiri students is truly heartbreaking. Day by day their difficulties are rising. The debarring of communication in the Valley has become a gladiatorialy muggy. 

Here’s citing few examples of the cases which clearly depicts the hurdles faced by the Kashmiri students:

  • Farheen Shaukat master’s students of University of Delhi got an opportunity to hear the voices of her parents just once that too for merely less than a minute. Unable to maintain contact with her parents she is extremely perturbed by the shortage of funds. The sociology student further added that this situation is so mentally torturous that she was became maudlin infront of her professors.
  • Two students from south Kashmir,  Ishfaq and Suhail are residing in Nirman Vihar, East Delhi. They are here for the purpose of attending UGC NET coaching. They further added that the day they came, since then they aren’t able to communicate with their parents. What’s more, the coaching institute spurned their request to pay the dues till the normalcy is achieved in the Valley. The cash-strapped students came to know about a social group on Facebook and thus their fees were paid. Next is they want to know about the where about of their parents.

Seeing the incessant conditions of their fellow Kashmiri mates, many students came together to provide them the required succour under the Jammu and Kashmir Association’s ‘students with Kashmir‘ campaign to arrange the funds required for rental and fee needs.

Another student named Saqib Yetoo approached the group came to aid students, he is a student of St Stephen’s College. Last time when he talked with the parents was a very long ago, he stated “I want to go back home and I want to take medicines too”.

After the campaign has been launched the students across the world are coming together to help their counterpart.


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