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Favoritism in DU ECA Admissions?


Admission trials in Extracurricular courses are blamed to encourage Favouritism. Amid the rush of admissions in the latest ECA (Extracurricular activities) in the colleges, officials are reporting a usual event, according to sources more than 95 students who have got almost 0 out of 5 in their certificates managed to score highest in the trials.

This has sparked controversy and the Vice-Chancellor is requested to examine the entire situation.

Few cases which added fuel to the fire are :

  • In classical and western dance and music students scored highest in trials even though they have the lowest scores in their certificates.
  • In English creative writing out of 43 finalists, 15 got zero without certificates but among them, two managed to get in the top 10 highest.
  • Even the same was the case with Hindi creative writing in which 28 students in final having zeros finished on top.

What is the marking pattern in DU for ECA?

Certificates are analyzed by the panel and if a student does not participate in any of the events he/she is marked zero out of 5.

And then 75 marks trials are conducted afterward.

According to DU officials this allegation is completely baseless and have released statements in their favor:

  1. As the officials are accepting certificates up to last 3 years so there is no scope of injustice.
  2. There are many students who do not perform in events but do exceptionally well when asked to perform, this way no certificates from any participation causes them to get zero out of 5.
  3. As the officials do not know students personally, therefore, no claim of allegation should arise.

This allegation needs verification until then nothing can be said so far .


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