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Everyday Struggles of a DU Student


DU is the perfect spot to explore one’s potential to the fullest. Here you will be able to remove all your insecurities and start appraising everyone for their achievements and learn many great things from them. However, “With the red hair, you get the white skin, it’s a package deal”. Same is the case with DU as it’s students too faces many problems.

Some of these are described below-

1) Non-delhite students, who hail from small cities, face lots of problems in tackling routes, vexing traffic, crossing roads and sometimes a kind of insecurity too. Also, traveling cost in Delhi is indeed troublesome.

2) There are a lot of guys who did extremely well in sports at the school level but have to abandon it in college. Well, the lack of proper equipment and trainers are mainly responsible for such a situation.

3) The language barrier is another problem here since more than 50% of the guys in DU are not from Delhi so they are not comfortable to speak Hindi and thus encounter problem in communicating with others and making new friends.

4) Many south campus and off-campus colleges are famous for fights and violence. So, some students do not feel safe there.

5) Hostel facilities in DU are extremely limited. Majority of the co-ed colleges don’t have a dedicated girls hostel and rents for paying guests are unreasonable.

6) When you have urgent work that you desperately need to finish and the only thing left is to get it signed by the office staff, then you will never get it done on time.

7) In most of the colleges, the library facility is not sound since books there are not of the latest edition. Moreover, the books in the library are far below the actual requirement.

8) Infrastructure and basic amenities are not proper in off-campus colleges. Classrooms get overcrowded in generic elective periods, therefore, it is extremely difficult for students to concentrate in class.

9) A lot of DU colleges lack the provision of an Auditorium in the college. Most colleges are managing with seminar rooms but in case of large events when there is a large number of students, these seminar rooms do not suffice.

10) Students who go to college by car/bike also face the problem of parking their vehicle. There is neither enough space outside the college to park the vehicles of all the students nor is it safe to park the vehicle outside the college. Many colleges do have a parking space but it is only for the teachers of the college.


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