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Even minor girls are not safe in India

Even minor girls are not safe in India

A little girl not knowing whom to trust was going to get kidnapped by a guy in its early youth, 20-year-old Delhi University student was planning the egregious crime and tried to lure her to come with him, this heinous act was being performed in front of her house in outer Delhi Samaipur Badli on Wednesday afternoon.

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The local masses smelled something fishy when around 2 pm noticed the girl loitering around with the guy, upon being asked he started stammering, igniting suspicion.

Thus the local concluded him of being a paedophile and a member of child trafficking racket and lashed him belligerently. According to the guy he already knew the girl and was just trying to have an amicable conversation with her.

After beating him up locals informed the PCR team and he was immediately handed over to police. During the last few months, many cases of missing children have been reported around the area. These ongoing events added fuel to the fire and the youth had to face its repercussions.

Some also state that he was the same man seen on the CCTV footage of a missing child case a few months back. But all are mere speculations. The case is now officially registered by the Police. The Police department has clinched that they will scrutinize the situation.

It has been confirmed that the alleged guy used to work in a factory additionally he was pursuing a course from the University of Delhi. His family members have been contacted in order to avail more information about his whereabouts.

To ensure more of such incessant cases do not come up we need to have more stringent laws also the security system needs to have a strong boost. Human trafficking is a curse for the Human Society.    

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