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DUTA Protest Takes a New Turn


Like the long lived practice of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University has now issued an advisory too, warning the use of action if students continue to occupy the premises of departments, libraries and administrative blocks for the demonstration of dharnas and protests.

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Students participating in the protests are alleged to cause disruption in academic activities as well as chore tasks. The circular so issued says,

“All students of Delhi University are advised not to occupy premises of departments, library and administrative blocks for protests and dharnas. Causing disruption of any manner of the academic functioning of the university system amounts to an act of gross indiscipline.”

Originally at DU, students had found their prime location for protest in the conference center, second being the Arts Faculty area. In the recent past, students have chosen the library for demonstration, calling for better facilities.

Shakti Singh, the DUSU president says that notices as such are nothing but a way of diminishing their freedom of speech and expression.

“The University is a democratic space and everyone has a right to raise their voice.”

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