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DUTA Protest 2019 – An Overview

DUTA Protest 2019 - An Overview

This year the Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) raised some crucial demand concerning the permanency of ad-hoc teachers.

The strikes commenced in the early weeks of January and are still being carried out, with regular intervals in between. During this time, several classes have been dismissed hampering with academic activities.

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This year also saw many students taking part in the protests and dharnas. They showed their dissent by occupying premises of departments, libraries and administrative blocks.

This created a lot of nuisance, so much so that the University issued a circular, warning the use of action against them.

The strike this year reached extreme ends when ad-hoc teachers of the varsity decided to go on an indefinite hunger strike if their demands were not fulfilled. Thankfully, nothing of that sort happened.

Himanshu Singh, an ad-hoc teacher at Satyawati College said,

“Most of us have been teaching for 10-15 years. We think it’s reasonable to demand a one-time ordinance to absorb all 5,000 ad-hoc teachers into the university since we fulfil the requisite criteria prescribed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and were appointed by a duly constituted selection committee.”

Another development observed is that earlier the strike was supposed to go on till 1st of March. Now since their demands have not been fulfilled, it would go on till 8th of March.

Everyone eagerly hopes that this particular issue in hand is resolved soon so that the academic activities can get back on track.

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