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DUTA is not going to have any Congress candidate for the eminent Posts


This year the Congress supported candidates have debarred themselves from contesting the Elections for the post of President in the DUTA (Delhi University Teacher’s Association) elections. This is going to invoke tussle between both the right wing and left wing politics.

Is this anyway going to affect the likelihood of Congress to prove virtuous in the Forthcoming Assembly polls? The answer was the straight no, says the Senior Party Leader Kiran Walia. According to her, the Congress Party didn’t want to hurt the sentimental feeling of every religion present in India as they truly consider themselves as secularists that’s why they are refraining themselves from contesting the polls. This is a very well calibrated step or one can say a brave step by the Congress party.

The Indian National Teacher’s Congress (INTEC) is the official group for teachers at DU. Their ideologies and viewpoints are supported by Academics for Action and Development (AAD). This is noteworthy that from past three elections INTEC has not appointed any members to fight for the elections of President post.

According to Academic Council member Rasal Singh, the Elections of DUTA plays a crucial role. He further adds that the effect of PM Modi is going to be reflected in the polls. AAD chairperson said that he is in favor of the decisions of INTEC but no further comment was received by them. He insisted that let the teachers decide their fate and work upon their future.

The INTEC has appointed the three candidates for 15 members follows :
1. Vivek Chowdhary sitting secretary in DUTA.
2. Udayvir teacher of electronics at ANDC Acharya Narendra Dev College.
3. Pradeep Kumar History Teacher at Zakir Husain College.


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