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DU syllabus wrangle continues


It is anticipated that the controversy of controversy over the syllabi of English, political science, history and sociology is unlikely to end soon. Despite the four departments have agreed to remove certain objectionable syllabus content teachers still continued their discontent.

The syllabi have been sent back to the AC.  EC Member V S Negi claimed that there were procedural issues with the four syllabi.

A comprehensive mechanism has been developed to chalk out the syllabi by introducing two technologically advanced online dashboards having

  • Drafts available to stakeholders.
  • Alumni, members of teachers’ political outfits.
  • national and international experts.
  • current students.

Raj Kumar, the head of the English department, and Sunil Kumar of the history department said that “As we have removed a few aspects, the department will have to send the course to the committee of courses and the oversight committee will have to approve it.”


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