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DU Registrar met a delegation of six Research Scholars


Taking cognisance of the signature campaign in support of the demand charter of research scholars at University of Delhi, DU Registrar Prof. Tarun Kumar Das met a delegation of six Research Scholars from different departments of DU to discuss their demands. The delegation led by Abhishek Verma, a PhD Scholar in Chemistry Department, submitted the resolutions cum demand charters of 29 departments of DU having more than 1,500 signatures of MPhil and PhD research scholars.

One of the first issues to be discussed was the important issue of extending the right to franchise in Delhi University Students’ Union election to MPhil and PhD research scholars, pointing out provisions for such measures in DUSU’s Constitution.

Apart from this, the delegation also raised the poor condition of University Science Instrument Centre (USIC). The delegation informed the Registrar that most of the costly instruments at the centre lack an operator. In several cases the salaries of the operators have not been paid for more than three months. The registrar assured to look into this matter urgently as it is hampering the research of researchers in the sciences.

The delegation also raised the ill equipped nature of libraries at the University and the lack of updated journal subscriptions. They asked the Registrar to club the existing infrastructure of libraries at Delhi University so scholars can issue books from different libraries with a single membership, to which the Registrar responded affirmatively.

The delegation also requested the registrar to raise the issue of revising the amount of Non-NET scholarship for MPhil and PhD Scholars at par with other UGC scholarships.

The delegation also discussed with the Registrar to conduct the admission process of MPhil and PhD scholars in a time bound manner as the University doesn’t have a deadline to complete the process and it varies from department to department.

The delegation also suggested that there should be comprehensive guidelines for updating the Adhoc Panel List, and also that Adhoc Panels should be regularly updated in the beginning of every semester.

The Registrar assured the delegation that he will discuss the matter with all relevant University stakeholders immediately and organise a round-table meeting of research scholars’ representatives with relevant university stakeholders in his presence.

Abhishek Verma, Shabd Prakash, Vikash Ranjan Singh, Ragini Kapoor, Rohan Chauhan and Anupama Bharadwaj were part of the research scholars delegation.


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