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DU’s outwardly impeded Professor’s Selection in UPSC 2019


Right-hand Professor at Aurobindo Evening College of DU Satender Singh has won a midway war of life by making a spot in common administrations. On Friday, after the data about getting 714th position in the examination consequence of UPSC, his home has a festival climate.

Professor, Satendra says that regardless of not having any light in the two eyes, I am able to feel the delight of the countenances around me.

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27-year-old Satender was conceived in the rancher group of Amroha locale of Uttar Pradesh. He clarifies that when he was just one and a half years old, his wellbeing compounded.

His dad Vikram Singh took him to the specialist, where his optical nerves were decimated because of a wrong infusion.

After seeing the eyes, the guardians living in the town began stressing over their future. In the mean-time a relative told about Delhi’s Government Senior Secondary School for Blind. Mother Rajendri Singh belittled her and place her in the lodging here.

Satender started to give great outcomes in his investigations since his youth. After the twelfth, he got affirmation in St. Stephens College of DU. In the wake of perusing from here; he did MA from Foreign Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University. After MA, he was functioning as Assistant Professor in Aurobindo Evening College for the last three-four years.

Satender, who sold creatures for expenses, clarifies that his family has contributed a great deal in educating them. Sometime in the past guardians even sold their creatures to fill the expenses.

His home was unfathomable; conditions have changed a considerable amount since the activity began four years back.

He says that even in Delhi there is a comprehensive domain for outwardly hindered individuals, which isn’t in different urban communities.

At present plans like available India are turned out to be useful. I need that there is such an environment in the entire nation. My companions and partners here never gave me a chance to feel somewhat unique.

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