Why DU students need an anonymous 'Teacher Rating System'
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Why DU students need an anonymous ‘Teacher Rating System’

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Now at the beginning of the this content I would like to ask you that how many of you have gone through the process of ‘student rating system’?

I am quite sure that everyone of you have gone through it. From our school life to college life we all go through this process. Now you can have a question that what is new in that why am I asking such silly question?

Yes here the point arises, we all of us are quite common to this process of student rating but very few of us are known to the process of teacher rating system. So what is this teacher rating system? The teacher rating system is very similar to student rating process.

As in the process of student rating system the teacher are the judges similarly, in the teacher rating system the students becomes the judge to rate the teachers. Now what do you think this rating process is important to both the teacher and student to perform better in their near future?

Ok now let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of this process.

1. Advantages:

a) Betterment of teaching process: Now with the starting of the process of teacher rating system every student will get a chance to express their problems clearly. They will be able to cite their problems they are facing daily in the regular classes. Moreover they can suggest the type of teaching they want from the teacher. And this rating can later be monitored by the teachers which will improve the teaching-learning process in classrooms.

b) Presence of the teacher: Now as soon as the process of teacher rating system comes into existence the teacher will be included in the process of evaluation. Which will increase the possibility of the efficiency and effectiveness of the classes. Teachers will concentrate more on the understanding of the student rather than only to complete the whole syllabus in hurry.

2. Disadvantages:

a) Chance of getting humiliated: Now as soon as the students get a chance to rate the teachers in a anonymous process they will try to savour to the fullest of it. It can be possible that by a group of mischievous students can lead to the elimination of a teacher from the institute. This can be a great problem in this process. If this happens the process will not reach its goal

b) Continuous evaluation leading to insecurity: Now here comes a difference in student rating system and teacher rating system. In the student rating system students are rated by teachers which obviously improves a student overall behaviour in classes. But in teacher rating system students are rating the teachers. If a teachers continuous to get a bad remark then it can hamper the job of the specific teacher which leads towards its insecurity.

3. Conclusion:

Now from the above discussion we see that though this process have enormous good effects on students but it also exerts some terrible bad effect on the teachers. But the overall process can guided to an overall success by the cooperation of both the students and teachers. If the students do not tend to commit any mischief’s to eliminate any particular teacher and rate the teachers in a proper way then this process of teacher rating will the students in a greater way. Moreover the teachers will also have to keep an optimistic view in this process to help in overall growth of the students and to forward the teaching-learning process in a healthy manner.

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