High Court pulls up Delhi University on Answer sheet Investigation

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Delhi High Court’s message to the Delhi University was ‘Demonstrate some charitableness’, which is battling a fight in court for — what, decisively, can be considered as money cow — claiming its authority to charge an expense to accommodate re-assessment and rechecking of answer sheets, when understudies request it.

The court watched this while hearing the case between the varsity and one of its understudies on March 12. It was reacting to the college’s conflict that it can’t permit the investigation of answer sheets under the RTI  as it as of now has its very own system to do as such and for which it charges an expense.

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“Demonstrate some charitableness. You state you can give the guaranteed duplicate of the whole document, yet you can’t enable the record to be assessed. This is preposterous.

Assume the charge for giving the guaranteed duplicate of answer content is Rs. 2,000 and expense for examination of the equivalent are Rs 10 according to the RTI, at that point what might he lean toward. He will go for the review. You can’t force your decision over his caution,” the court watched.

The issue, pending under the watchful eye of the court since September 2017, has now been presented in July. It was first heard by the High Court in September 2018, when the law understudy moved toward it.

The understudy picked the RTI course to look for the review of his answer duplicates as opposed to paying a robust aggregate of ‘1,000 and ‘750, charged, separately, for re-assessment and rechecking.

At the point when his RTI was expelled by the college, he moved toward the Central Information Commission, which guided the varsity to permit the examination.

However, in September, the court had guided the college to enable the understudy to investigate his answer sheet as a between time measure under area 2(J) of the RTI Act, the issue not being a PIL, in fact doesn’t tie the college to concede all understudies the privilege to review their duplicates through RTI.

Be that as it may, if the court expels the writ appeal recorded by the college, the choice will undoubtedly have national consequence, with different colleges following the suit and serving to suppress an immense number of understudies who discover the expense difficult and debilitating.

The motivation behind why the college is occupied with a thorough fight in the court is that it wouldn’t like to abdicate one of its methods for stamping cash, the degree of which isn’t self-evident.

As IANS revealed a year ago, the Delhi University earned over Rs 3 crore in charges paid by understudies for either revaluation or rechecking answer sheets and for giving photocopies of answer sheets to them between 2015-16 and 2017-18. This is for just two years.

Same data was looked for by the NSUI this year, which, after getting it, discovered it a “draconian arrangement” and compromised a fomentation if the college doesn’t quit charging expenses for duplicates.

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