DU 2019 Admissions: Students won’t face deduction in marks if Equivalence certificate is submitted.

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Till last year, students from various state boards had to face deduction in marks as certain subjects came weren’t under Delhi University’s acceptable subjects’ list, but were considered as vocational subjects. But this year, as stated by officials of the University of Delhi, on Tuesday, students won’t suffer deduction for adding up subjects mentioned as vocational by the university.

In such a case, where the student wants to include a vocational subject in their final percentage, an Equivalence Certificate, issued by their respective boards, can be submitted to the University of Delhi for admission purpose, were in no deduction will be done.

There are some subjects under different state boards, that have subjects by different names, but the syllabus of it is similar to that of NCERT, in this case, DU will accept those subjects, without deduction of marks, if an Equivalence Certificate, issued by the state boards is submitted by the student. Earlier there used to be a deduction of 2.5 percent, in the total percentage of the students, if they added subjects under the vocational list for calculating their total score.

This year, if a student finds a subject’s syllabus, similar to what he/she studied in their state board, then they can approach the University for the same. Some of these subjects are, Biochemistry, which is a subject under Jammu and Kashmir Board and Civics, that is a subject offered by Uttar Pradesh board, the syllabus of which is similar to Biology and Political Science, respectively, which are subjects taught under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which the University of Delhi considers for admissions.

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These and few other subjects, offered by various other boards, then the CBSE board, have different nomenclature but the syllabus is mostly same to that of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is why, these won’t be considered as vocational subjects, only if an Equivalence certificate is present.

According to the admission bulletin of Delhi University, “If a paper’s title does not match with what is specified by the University of Delhi, it is mandatory for the applicant to provide a content equivalence certificate from the principal or head of the institution last attended, certifying the paper’s content equivalent to NCERT class 12 syllabus for that paper.”

Along with this certificate, a copy of the syllabus of the paper studied, attested by the principal or head of the institution, needs to be submitted, as mentioned in the bulletin by DU. Ahead of this, DU will take deciding call, about the same.

The portal for Under Graduate admissions portal of DU was opened for registration on May 30th. The first cut off list is most likely to come out on June 20th, after the registration of the same,
closes on June 14th.

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