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DU likely to seek apex court Intervention over High rise on Public land At North Campus


The University is likely to move to the Supreme Court after getting its plea dismissed in the Delhi HC.

The petition is challenging the transfer of public land near the Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station, stating the 37-story building proposed to build, violates the 2021 Master Plan of Delhi and compromise the safety of students.

The land was bought by DMRC for Rs. 42.4 crore and a portion of it was sold off to a private builder for Rs. 218 crore to build the highrise.

The university moved to HC in 2012 but ended up losing the case in 2015 before a single-judge bench in 2015. The area does not fall under North Campus, HC had said.

DU then reluctantly moved against the order in HC itself. On Monday, a two-judge bench dismissed the plea citing a delay on DU’s part to file an appeal.

DU claimed unavailability of Vice-Chancellor as the cause.

The university has already written to the PMO, and the Defence and Home ministries, stating that the high rise would be detrimental for the institution.


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