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DU girl’s stalker arrested


One in every four women in Delhi University has been the victim of sexual harassment.One of the most recent case has been following a student of south campus who had been stalked continuously by a 22 year old who was himself a student pursuing chartered accountancy.

As per the Delhi police officials the women reported the call harrasments as well as stalking case of the boy.He had threatned her to release morphed pictures of her on social media .The harassment also extended to emotional and mental level when the further report revealed about the girl’s efforts to block him from everywhere despite of the lewd messages and phone calls from different numbers rendered futile.

Police had further tried every means to track down the stalker by the different phone numbers of him and finally arrested Subhash Jha ,a resident of Jaipur who on being questioned told the cops that he had met the women through a mutual friend  an year ago , he tried to ask the women out but she did not seemed interested .He had then started harrasing her .

Social media has become a cyber bullying platform where horrors of harrasing cases have increased at a rapid rate since the past few years .


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