6 things to keep in mind for Non-Delhites to study in Delhi (2020)

6 things to keep in mind for Non-Delhites to study in Delhi (2020)

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Leaving one’s own city to study in Delhi brings a set of changes at all levels. Stepping out of your comfort zones has never been easy and adapting to a completely new lifestyle can be challenging for many of the outstation students.

Adjusting to a new environment and a new city is obviously difficult. Hometowns and families keep you in such a zone that you get to experience the actual life once you step out.

Everyone has their own ways of coping up with changes but the points stated below should be taken into consideration.

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1.) Proper selection of accommodation: For DU students the PG life is the only option in Delhi. Since they have to live in this city for a good number of years the selection of a PG should be taken seriously.

Selecting an appropriate area that isn’t isolated and is not overcrowded at the same time is important.

Look for the basic amenity stores nearby and a civilisation that gives you a homely vibe with medical stores and a clinic within immediate reach.

2.) Learn everything about transportation: Delhi’s metro is the easiest way to move about in Delhi because it is really huge. Download the DMRC app on your app phone and accommodate yourself with the nearest metro stations and the various lines and your routes.

Same goes on with the DTC buses. This way you will be able to save money on transportation as booking cabs for long distances can be pocket draining. The things will seem confusing at first but give some time to the city, you will be a pro at it in no time.

3.) Self-care: At home, your family gets you everything that you need. The perfect sort of nutrition cycle works there but once you step out you will be face problems at handling your food intake.

Reasons include lack of time management and the need for independent moves which seem tough. Remember the time when your parents stuffed you with fruits? Well, that is not gonna happen any longer and you will be tempted to eat snacks when hungry. The goal is to have a balance.

4.) Be alert and self-confident: You will encounter all sorts of people in a new city. You need to look out for the actions of strangers around you while travelling and should keep an eye on your immediate surroundings.

You would feel doubtful in many situations but be confident and have the guts to ask for help when needed be it regarding directions or anything else. Make use of safety apps like himmatplus that can help you reach out to the police and your loved ones when you feel you are in danger.

5.) Make new friends and connections on the basis of trust built over time: Since a new set of people make an entry in your life you should be careful with building connections.

Getting influenced by new people and catching their habits is pretty easy but you need to analyse who is wrong or right for you. Also making adjustments is going to be hard but will be needed because you have to create a family in there.

6.) Explore the new city: Go out to new places and get an idea of the Delhi life. Exploring is learning. Since Delhi is your home now you should have an idea about the city.

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