10 things to do in your Free Time (2019)
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10 things to do in your Free Time (2019)

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Amidst our hectic schedules we all do face times when we are absolutely free, be it an extended weekend or just random destiny games that give us time for ourselves and our own lives.

Most of us like the idea of munching on snacks while binge-watching something on Netflix in our beds.

Well, this can be a good idea when you need this kind of break. How about being productive at this time? Let’s explore some options.

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1.) Research or read: Go online and read about things that have no relation to your current studies or job. Research about things that had fascinated you in the past but you didn’t have time then to follow up.

2.) Give time to the book you left in between: Being a regular reader is tough these days. You often miss chances to read a book with all your heart. Re-read a book you started earlier and finish it this time.

3.) Explore the city you live in: If you are a student who is stuck with college work all day or an employee who doesn’t even have time to breathe usually, exploring your city can be a good option for you. This is because you are most likely to miss out on local trips if you are usually worked up and haven’t been to the best places in there.

4.) Catch a concert/musical evening nearby: Immediate and spontaneous plans bring the purest of happiness.  Tag along with your close friends whom you haven’t been able to keep in touch previously and go for a concert with them. Hearing the best of music and tapping to the beats of your favourite songs can make you feel really alive.

5.) Give time to your family: Instances of busy people ignoring texts and missing calls are often. Have an extended conversation with your mother and answer her questions in detail this time. Your loved ones always understand you when you aren’t able to devote your time as they know you are busy. But such rare instances of free time can be used to fill these gaps with love.

6.) Search for old photo-albums: Virtual ride of all your memories with chai and your family can be refreshing. Laugh with them at your childhood pictures where you are caught doing weird stuff. Those moments of rejoicing over heavenly pictures are far better than swiping pictures on a screen these days.

7.) Do something you are really good at: If your inner writer wishes to say Hii to the world. Go ahead. Write about experiences you always wanted to but couldn’t find the mental space to do it later. Cook something following a recipe and learn. Bake cakes and spread joy. You can feed the people around you and bring a smile on their faces. Visit an orphanage and distribute food there and just wait for the happiness to set in your heart gradually.

8.) Catch up with friends over calls and walks: Go for a walk with your pet if you have one. A long one this time and to a new place too. Call up a friend and catch up on life. Seek help and help them emotionally if they need it.

9.) Catch the sunrise/sunset in your city: Grab your Bluetooth speaker playing the songs of your favourite artist/band to the place and look at the illusion of sunrise/set that spreads magic in the sky each time and leaves you speechless.

10.) Visit a spiritual place: Irrespective of your religious orientation, visit a spiritual place and feel the vibe. The mental peace and calm can set in during such settings. If you really don’t believe in these issues because you have many other options to pamper yourself like treat yourself in your favourite restaurant/outlet in peace enjoying the whole of the meal.

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