Why DU students need to try the paper phone?

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  1. What is paper phone?

This “paper phone” is launched recently by Google. This is the thinnest and lightest handset ever anyone thought of.

Sometime ago Google teamed up with design studio Special Projects to decrease the attachment of the peoples with phones which ultimately resulted in paper phone.

Unlike any other similar type smart phones this paper phone allows you to choose the function of your handset. This Dphone includes calendar, weather, peoples phone number etc. The special characteristics of this phone is that it avoids all kind of distractions and let you concentrate on the thing which is most important to you at the moment.

The app description reads “a lot of people feel that they spend too much time on their phones and struggle to find a balance with technology”. Moreover the app says “We hope the little experiment can help you try a digital detox from technology and help you focus on the things that matter the most”.

  1. Why should we try this paper phone?

Now here we come why we should try this paper phone.

Now everyone of you must be using smart phones. So you must be aware of the fact that how the smart phones are addicting. These smart phones have the capacity to keep you remain engaged for hours. Once you get into it or just start browsing in the internet you can find any item of your interest. And once you find it interesting you will spend your priceless time in it. A recent study says that it is seen that 77 percent of students are busy in playing video games in smart phones, 79 percent are busy in browsing through the web and 85 percent busy in social media. So this study provides us a clear and a vivid picture of how smart phones are gradually engulfing our time and becoming an unavoidable part in our life. Now many of us think that these smart phones are awesome way to be engaged and really there is no doubt in it. But do we perform in a productive way by keeping ourselves engaged? Keeping yourselves engage is good but engaging yourselves in a completely unproductive manner is just a waste of time. It is seen that maximum people who spends their major time in their smart phones does not do any useful work they just go on chatting with their friend or just go on browsing the YouTube videos and etc. which leaded them towards decreasing their productivity.

Now it is also studied that 87 percent regular smart phone users admit that they spends huge time in their smart phones and wants to amend themselves but most of the time cannot control themselves. This might be the situation of most of you. You want to get out of addiction but could not. So now what can we do to help out ourselves of this situation? The answer is the PAPER PHONE. This can be an effective way by which you can get out of this problem. This paper phones include the most of the things which you use in a normal smart phone. Therefore it supplies you your basic need, it also includes the options you want in your handset. It contains a A4 size paper which can be folded to a size of a phone. It is also the lightest and thinnest phone ever. While testing this paper phone it is seen that maximum people gets positive effect out of it and it is obviously helping in getting out of addictions. So from the above discussions it is obvious that if you try paper phone it will help you to manage your time and you can avoid getting addicted to your smart phones.

So, what are you waiting for!

Try a paper phone and get a leave from your smart phones.

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