Top-5 Commerce Colleges in Delhi University 2019

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1. Shri Ram College of Commerce

 Shri Ram College of Commerce | Top 5 DU Commerce Colleges in 2019

This may come as no surprise that SRCC is the most esteemed commerce college, not only when it comes to Delhi University, but throughout the country.

It is valued for its placement packages going as high as Rs. 31 lakhs per annum.

Given that it is a college which offers only courses like Economics honours and Honours, make it even more exclusive.

Year of Establishment – 1926
Courses Offered – B.Com Honours, BA Honours Economics, M.Com and MA Honours Economics
Prestigious Alumni – Arjun Jaitley, Gulshan Grover, Rajat Sharma, Shiv Khera
Annual Cultural Fest – Crossroads, SRCC
NIRF Ranking – 7

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2. Lady Shree Ram College (For Women)

Lady Shree Ram College (For Women) | Top 5 DU Commerce Colleges in 2019

Lady Shree Ram or LSR has made a name for itself, not only in one but all the three streams.

It figures in the top 5 and even top 2 in almost all Delhi University rating and is a name that sells itself. In 2019, an economics student from LSR was offered Rs. 38 lakhs per annum and surprisingly this is not the highest a student has managed to grab from the college. On that note, it is evident that the placements offered by LSR are top notch, moreover, the growth opportunity is no less.

It is a college which grooms you and makes you into a leader. It is the first choice for even CBSE toppers. It was also ranked at number 2 by India Today in the commerce.

Year of Establishment – 1956
Courses Offered – Bachelors and Masters in Commerce
Prestigious Alumni – Aung Sang Suu Kyi, Sakshi Tanwar, Maneka Gandhi, Anjali Gopalan
Annual Cultural Fest – Tarang
NIRF Ranking – 8

3. Hindu College

Hindu College | Top 5 DU Commerce Colleges in 2019

Hindu College is another North Campus college famous for giving out the highest of packages (29 lakhs in 2016) and taking in students with high potentials through its not-so-surprisingly high cut-offs.

If Hindu was a student, it’d be an all-rounder who excels in academics, is good at co-curricular and basically a prodigy all the fellow students are jealous of.

Just like LSR, Hindu also figures in the top 5 list of all DU rankings and very well manages to compete with the other top colleges and maintain its position of prestige and excellence.

Year of Establishment – 1899
Courses Offered – Bachelors and Masters in Commerce
Prestigious Alumni – Eenam Gambir, Imtiaz Ali, Mira Aggarwal, Vishal Bhardwaj
Annual Cultural Fest – Mecca
NIRF Ranking – 4

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4. Hansraj College

Hansraj College | Top 5 DU Commerce Colleges in 2019

Hansraj College is famous for its excellence in not only in the field of commerce but also in arts and science.

It is revered for giving out average packages to students which range in lakhs, and in 2018 it increased from 5.02 lakhs to 6 lakhs and the highest packages has till now gone as high as 16 lakhs.

The students here are as involved in extracurriculars as they are in academics and as the crowd of a college really matters, you can be assured that Hansraj would provide you with a suitable learning environment alongside fellow talented students.

Year of Establishment – 1948
Courses Offered – B.Com Honours, Economics Honours, M.Com
Prestigious Alumni – Shahrukh Khan, Anurag Kashyap, Naveen Jindal, Vinod Dua
Annual Cultural Fest – Confluence
India Today Ranking – 6

5. Sri Venkateswara College

Sri Venkateswara College | Top 5 DU Commerce Colleges in 2019

As the only South Campus college which has made it to the list, Sri Venkateswara Or “Venky” is in all respects worth being called the SRCC/Stephen’s of the South Campus.

The college ranks in top 10 in all DU rankings and with its well functioning Placement Cell in has secured an average salary of Rs. 8 lakhs for its students and the highest packages have gone as high as Rs. 35 lakhs, beating most colleges in even the North Campus.

The societies here are also among the most revered in all of Delhi University, the location is surrounded by a huge number of cafes so it’s basically “Eat. Work. Repeat” for the students here.

Year of Establishment – 1961
Courses Offered – B.Com Honours, B.Com Programme, Economics Honours
Prestigious Alumni – Rishabh Pant, Sriti Jha, Mona Vasu, Sonam Wangchuk
Annual Cultural Fest – Nexus
NIRF Ranking – 24

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