The 3-year guide for DU students

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College life can be tricky. You worked hard and got yourself a seat in DU. But you are still fresh out of school and clueless about what to do next and how to deal with the transition from school to college?

We will come to your rescue. We bring to you a three-year guide to help you plan your college life in a better manner. Keep on reading.

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You are bright eyed and bushy tailed. Be a part of everything. Test the waters to find out what you are really made for.

  • Explore every corner of your college from the canteen to the library. It is essential that you become aware of your surroundings. You should know what happens at your college and where.

  • Become a member of various societies and clubs. You can join as many as you want as long as you can commit to them. These societies require dedication. Keep that in mind. You can choose any society or club.

  • Talk to people. It will help you develop your communication skills. You can learn new things from them. You can even make new friends. It will also add on to your network whose importance you will gradually come to understand.

  • Make a LinkedIn profile. It is a professional social networking site where you can not only search for jobs but also research various companies and industries. It will help you observe your career path. Since you have no experience with resume building, which is what you can easily learn from here. The early you start, the better it is.

  • Befriend seniors. It is always good to have someone experienced to talk to. They can also help you when you need old textbooks, question papers or notes.

  • Attend classes. Bunking lectures is always tempting. But you shouldn’t. Missing a lecture here and there is okay. But you can’t miss all of them especially not in DU.                   
  • Be in touch with your professors. They will help you solve your academic conflicts. It is also possible that you might find a friend in them.

  • Attend events in and around DU. There are a lot of events such as seminars, discussions, competitions being conducted almost every other day.

  • Enjoy your fresher’s and fests. You will get bored eventually. Enjoy them while you still can.

  • Ensure your academics don’t suffer amongst all the fun and exploring. You don’t have to go crazy for marks. Just maintain a decent percentage while also taking part in various activities.


You are not friends with the same people. It is okay. Group dynamics change. You now have a rough idea about what interests you and what is closer to your dream job. So work accordingly.

  • Join internships to gain professional experience and develop some soft skills. You can get an internship through LinkedIn, your placement cell or through your professors’ recommendation.

  • Learn a new language. It will stimulate your mind and improve your job prospect. DU offers a certificate course in many languages which you can pursue along with your undergrad degree.

  • Volunteer for NGOs regardless of the career path you want to take. Volunteering is a way of giving back to society. It makes you a better person and also enhances your resume. So it is a win-win.

  • This is the time to be more focused on career building. So be a part of societies and clubs which are closer to your dream job.

  • Maintain a good score. Again, no matter which year you are in, it is essential that you maintain a good score.


This is your last year and you should spend it with ease. Prepare for the next level.

  • Relax. You have worked a lot through your second year. You deserve a little break from all the activities and internships. You can still join one if you are up for it.

  • Since this is your final year you should start preparing for your next step in advance. Start preparing for entrance exams. Don’t forget to submit the forms on time.

  • Be a member of the placement cell of your college.

  • Maintaining a good score is important. Don’t let your marks falter in your final year.

Last but not least, regardless of which year you are in, travel. Go out and about to explore new places.

Enjoy! Make some memories!

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