Specialisation in one field of study vs. overall knowledge of all things. Which one offers more chances of getting you a job?

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Unlike most articles, we’d begin here with the conclusion first and then trace the reasons as to why that is so. This debate could be encompassed in the quote “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”, literally which means “a person who has dabbled in many skills, rather than gaining expertise by focusing on one.”

This could be seen akin to our experience in school life where we learn all subjects vis a vis college life where we choose a subject of specialization and then carry it forward.

As knowledge progresses, it is important for one to move on from elementary to higher levels of education and practically it is not possible to study a large variety of subjects in such depth so following are the reasons by specialisation in a subject guarantees you better job opportunities than knowing a lot of things:

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1. Demands of Modernization

Now this one is a little technical but still really common in society today. You might have seen how each of the jobs that were all-encompassing before has now been divided into smaller parts where one person plays a particular role in the whole process.

A very common example is that of doctors or factory workers. Each major human body part has a differently trained doctor treating it and in factory settings, workers assemble only particular parts rather than handling the entire process all by themselves.

This has been so because specialisation is often associated with better quality outcomes. Think of it as practising a skill over and over again. After a while, the brain gets so exercised it becomes more of a reflex than an effort. In simpler words, you get so good at this that you automatically do things that others who lack the specialisation might not be able to do.

2. Clarity

Often one of the biggest challenges one faces in life is to decide what their future options should be. It is a struggle because our entire future journey and job happiness depend upon it.

Moreover, we need to be careful to pick a line where are skills are utilized and where our productivity is the highest, basically our forte. Specialisation in a particular field keeps your thoughts and energies directed in that particular direction so that you work and accomplish a task sooner.

Imagine you want to do journalism, now this would require you to do internships with magazines, news companies or areas associated with the field, which would be very different if you wanted to do psychology. Work is not the only thing important, what is important is to work in the right direction.

3. Right Network Association

Studying in a particular field helps you maintain connections through networking with the people who work in that field. If you’re not focused and committed to one field you might not be able to gain the contacts that someone otherwise focused would.

Later on in life dodging a lot of options might keep your lines open, but remember that it also makes it so much more difficult to be successful at it. You’d be in competition with someone who’s known what they had to do in life since grade 12 and while you may also have the knowledge and interest it might not be a match to theirs.

4. Companies Look For Commitment

Specialisation suggests that you’ve been committed to the field that you chose. While overall knowledge might make you feel like you have a lot of options, your chances at each get limited.

Most companies today also look for particular skills of expertise before hiring which is only possible to gain through a thorough acquaintance with one field. As mentioned before specialisation also ensures right network associations and work experience, which again make up for a good impression in front of the hiring agency in question and increases your chances at better packages.

5. Better Life Opportunities and Career Security

Some of you might like to experience in our lives but the wise choice for most is to look for career security along with satisfaction. Meddling with a lot of opportunities might interfere with your chance at a stable, lifetime work opportunity.

Everything said, as adults, we get to know what is the right thing to do, the important thing is to know it at the right time. Do your research, consult as many people as possible, sit and ponder. Do everything you can to make better decisions because your decisions today will make your life tomorrow.

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