Social work: For the benefit of society as well as your CV

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You are a part of society. Have you ever thought about giving something back? It doesn’t always have to be through charity. You can always give back to the society by way of social work.

As a social worker, it becomes your primary goal to advocate for social justice and fight against social injustice. You promote public sensitivity towards the same. It becomes your job to stand up every day and be the voice for people who are not being heard.

You tackle numerous social issues and forge solutions which help people. You get to work with some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in society. You become the harbinger of change, and equity.

In simple words, as a social worker, you get to be the change you want to see in the world around yourself.

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In this journey of giving back to the society, you are not only doing your fair share to make the society a better place for everyone to live in, but you also gain a great deal of knowledge and skills which will guide you throughout life.

Some skills that you will earn as a social worker include:

Detailed note taking ability

As a social worker, it becomes a part of your job to take excellent well-detailed notes while listening to your clients and develop strategies accordingly. You learn to pay attention to even the minutest details.

Organizational skills

You are bound to develop impeccable organizational skills. As a social worker, you are mostly asked to multi-task. You learn to juggle many tasks at the same time. This way you hone your ability to prioritize where important tasks come first and less important ones follow.

Understanding of human psychology

You have to deal with people on a daily basis. You talk to them, learn about their lives, their issues, problems, goals and whatnot. The more you deal with people, the more acquainted you become with human psychology. You learn how the human brain works giving you the ability to effectively deal with people.

Developed sense of empathy

Having a sense of empathy becomes essential for you as a social worker as you are helping others through their problems. You learn to understand their point of views.

Ability to facilitate cooperation

You also have to deal with different people who are reluctant to work together as individuals or as part of a group. As a social worker, you have to facilitate cooperation amongst such people.

Active listening skills

You develop excellent listening skills which enable you to carefully listen to your clients without missing on the details.

Critical thinking skills

Listening is not enough. You also have to think through and formulate strategies to help your clients. You are required to make a decision based on which piece of information really matters.

Verbal and written communication skills

You express yourself to a wide variety of people who are in distinct situations. Social work gives you the opportunity to hone your verbal and written communication skills.

From listening and communication skills to organizational and facilitating cooperation skills—these are only a few examples of the skills you learn and develop through social work.

When your resume shows your experience in social work, it also speaks volumes about the skills and knowledge you earned. With your unique skill set, you become a favourable choice for prospective employers. Thus, social work raises your employability and increases your job prospects.

This is the reason it is advised to students to take part in social work and volunteer for NGOs.

It allows you to give back to society and help those in need. You make a positive impact on society. You sometimes learn a specific skill or a whole bunch of them. The bottom line is that you learn. This knowledge shines through and makes you a better person all the while making your resume even better.

So don’t wait. Don’t just feel bad when you see children outside your college begging for food. You have a chance of actually doing something about it. And you should do it. Help them and also help yourself. It is a win-win.

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