Reasons for anxiety, depression and stress among students

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According to a survey report, every one person out of four is suffering from some kind of mental disorder. That means, among a friend circle of 8 guys, 2 are in depression. Well, before suggesting ways to deal with such situations, we need to understand the root cause of schizophrenia.

Alright, here are few reasons for mental disorder amongst scholars –

The foremost reason for mental disorder among students is examination pressure. Many scholars compete with others on order to get better marks. In case, they don’t get the desired marks then they feel low about themselves and create a psychological wall into their minds that they are good at nothing, which ultimately leads to stress and anxiety.

However, they do not want to consider the amount of handwork given by other person or it might be possible that they haven’t done proper homework before appearing in that examination.

Another leading reason for anxiety among youth is relationship issues. Basically, there are two types of relationship problem, one is you propose somebody who rejected you and other one is break up. And, break up hurts the most because you were with a person, who is extremely close to your heart that you share everything with him/her. That person becomes duniya for you and one day you wake up and that duniya is not there. At that moment, you feel devastated. In such situations, some guys even take steps to commit suicide which is highly unacceptable.

Moreover, continuous failure in any field also leads to anxiety and frustration. As some guys reach to top positions but others can’t perform well, which causes negative thoughts to enter into their minds. For instance, you might be good in drawing, sports, acting or some extra curricular activities. But, if you could not succeed in such competitions, at that point of time, you feel lost and you don’t want to continue with that.

Although, nobody talks about this but improper diet is also a major reason for mental illness. Guys, neglect importance of proper food and sleep. Therefore, they wake up with bad mood due to which negative thoughts consistently came into their minds and the serious repercussions of all this is that, they are not enthusiastic to do anything.

All the above mentioned reasons of stress were self created one. But, some problems are created by the people around us. One of the major cause of depression is “comparison”. We live in a society where every parent compare their kids with “Sharma ji ka ladka”.

They never try to find out best in their kids. Moreover, there are families where siblings compete with each other. They feel insecurities when other one is getting more pampering and attention than him from their parents.

We all encounter such situations in our lives. There could be many other reasons for depression but above mentioned are the major ones. Now, we need to find out the ways to move out from such situations as soon as possible otherwise we will loose our self-esteem.

So, here are the three ways to counteract such situations as a strong person –

Let go of the things which happened in past because you can’t change your past. So, live in present and feel good about your future.

Do not become self-critical because we live in a society where everyone judges us and if we also feel bad about us then definitely we will loose our true identity.

Learn from your past mistakes and do not repeat them. Besides, love yourself and move on in life as a better, stronger person.

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