Planning on doing CA along with regular college?

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Every CA student faces a question, “Whether he should do CA along with regular college or not?” Well, the rational answer of this question is that, if you get a college which has a brand name then go for regular college otherwise there is no use of wasting three years unproductively because “agar Andaaz mein dam ho toh maut pe bhi taliyan bajti hai.” Furthermore, if you do not participate in college events while doing regular college then you are Ashvamedha of the modern age. However, this does not mean that you should take part in these events at the cost of CA studies. So, the best advice to these guys would be that, they should try to complete CA- Inter as soon as possible and then participate in co-curricular activities or you can join a society, not more than one while preparing for CA, otherwise you will be at risk.

Now, comes another question, “Which course to do?” If you are going for courses other than and then it may be the biggest mistake of your life. Since most of the subjects of CA are common in, so you won’t require many efforts for your graduation and can smoothly manage both the things.

Advantages of regular college –

  1. Get college brand name.
  2. Learn the ability to steal your time.
  3. Jackpot at placements.
  4. Participate in various activities and societies.
  5. Groom personality, improve communication skills and get exposure.
  6. Increase chances of getting articleship in top-notch CA firms.

Harsh realities of managing these two things at a time –

  1. Requires excellent time management skills.
  2. Reduce social life, since you have a hectic schedule.
  3. Higher chances of being blacklisted in college if required attendance is not maintained.
  4. No time to pursue hobbies.
  5. Fear of college exams and project submissions.
  6. One can not join articleship with regular college.

However, nothing is perfect in this world, everything has it’s pros and cons. So, one cannot expect it to be a smooth ride and sometimes you get so much frustrated when things will not work the way you want them to be, that you want to leave anyone of these two. Also, college exams are another problem for CA guys as at that point of time it becomes difficult for them to manage coachings with preparation. But, these hard times put you at a test and the real test for a CA student could be when his CA examination dates clashes with college exams. That’s why these guys prefer to give November attempt instead of May attempt. Since college exams are usually held in May and December. Although, May 2018 attempt topper, “Deepa Jain” managed to fetch rank1 in CA Inter in spite of clashing college exams. Hats off! to this girl as she proved exceptions are always there.

Alright, the whole crux of this never-ending charcha is that if you get a decent college where you will be having ample opportunities to groom your personality then for sure you should go for regular college. Problems are bound to happen in that journey nonetheless, “if your goals wouldn’t challenge you, they won’t change you.”

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