Not everything you know about Delhi University is True

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1. Students are extraordinarily brilliant

With cut-offs these high, the central motive of the University is to let in students who have the calibre to maintain its reputation as the most popular university in the country.

If you’re a DU student, there’s a high chance that you aced your exams and are uniquely talented. Such an environment gives you a chance to compete with people at a level the same or higher than yours, pushing you to become better and do your best.

The competition becomes real and victory tastes better here. It’s like you’re in a Harry Potter movie and every day is a Quidditch match.

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2. Every student understands stock markets

Delhi University is popular for the commerce courses it provides, having the most reputed commerce college in the country

“Shri Ram College of Commerce”.

Naturally, it breeds minds that understand the logic and the markets. Other popular commerce colleges include – Lady Shri Ram, Hindu College, Hansraj College and Sri Venkateswara College. Business centred courses like Business Management Studies are also among the offered courses.

3. Professors are cool in college

College teachers are nothing like school teachers. They are not overly protective, rather they’ll push up to live up to your potential.

Every teacher would be different but one thing that they have in common is that they have this gift of knowledge that you have to make sure you share. Although they’ll advise you to not skip classes, most of them are cool in terms of attendance and might even be friendly sometimes. But make sure not to press the wrong buttons (if you know what I mean).

4. Canteens serve awesome food

Most of the college canteens have a varied menu, from pizzas and pasta to naan thalis. Some might even have drinks like cold coffee and iced tea for as cheap as Rs. 30. The food will not disappoint you, it’s just as tasty as it is pocket-friendly.

5. Elections are conducted peacefully

What makes Delhi University really unique is that it’s like a mini-nation where you get to experience adult life in a trailer form. Voting is an integral part of adulthood and to witness elections at a level is this is a great learning experience about the democratic process.

There is no candidate rivalry, only healthy competition. They try to weigh in their merits to convince you to elect them, rather than attacking the opposition. Most of the appeal that it’s more important to cast a vote than to particularly vote for them and this can only happen in DU.

6. Attendance is not an issue

Unlike other universities which demand a minimum of 75% attendance, DU lets you off easy on this one. Admit cards are issued for securing less as 40% attendance throughout the year.

The system here is that 5% marks are dedicated to attendance, but if you’re not looking for that you can skip all you want as long as manage to secure the minimum required criteria. This free time can be utilized to do productive things like internships or other diploma/language courses.

7. Students come to college dressed as models

Delhi University students are famous for making style statements. Each outfit is unique, well planned and pulled off greatly by students. The campus area is like an artificial runway.

The students here are as dedicated to their appearance as they are to their careers because of

“jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai”.

Most colleges also have their own fashion societies.

8. College societies are all about fun

If you ever join a society, you’ll realise how the people there are connected like a family and the daily practice routine becomes an integral part of your life. It is just as much fun as it is a learning experience.

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9. Getting a job is guaranteed

Aren’t jobs the reasons we all struggle as much as we do to get into good colleges? Don’t worry, Delhi University doesn’t disappoint you here. It is rather famous for providing some of the highest paying packages to students, particular colleges like Lady Shri Ram.

Placement cells also keep you updated about the opportunities coming and if you’re a good student you have great chances at making it into good firms.

10. DU is filled with rich people

Quite contradictory for a government college with some of the lowest annual fee payments, right? But DU has its share of the rich, peppy crowd. The fashion divas, the brats with big cars, the party animal, you’ll find all of them here.

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