Delhi University: North Vs South Campus

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The all encompassing feud between the North and South is mirrored by the Delhi University in its two campuses, and it’s time we put their cold war to an end.

North Campus

Now, most of you might see the victory going to the North as usual. After all, it is the colleges here that are the staple of Delhi University and provide for the reason that DU is the brand name that it is.

1.) Top ranking colleges

From Shri Ram College of Commerce to Hindu to Hansraj, North Campus takes the direct win here for holding the crown for the most respected colleges not only in Delhi but throughout the country. Also, it would be a crime to not mention Miranda House which was ranked #1 by the NIRF in 2018 as the top educational institute in India, followed by Hindu College at rank 4, and SRCC at rank 7.

2.) Placements and Higher Cut Offs

North Campus is famous for its high cut-offs, going over as high as 99, which ensures that the most brilliant minds come here with their talents. The colleges here are also famous for providing their students with better placements and packages than South Campus colleges.

3.) Famous Eateries

This is a tough one because one can go on about the ways in which Hudson beats Satya and vice versa. Still, it’s worth mentioning that North Campus is famous for restaurants that are larger in the area, better in ambiences and quality of food than the South Campus. From Tom Uncle’s Maggi to Shagun’s Momos to all the cafes in Hudson Lane, it’s a win-win for the North.

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4.) Location

With all the colleges so close in proximity, it resembles a mini village where everyone knows everyone. The interaction with students of colleges other than your own provides one with the opportunity to grow, not only educationally but in other respects as well.

5.) Societies

Most of the society rankings too, like that by Hindustan Times, favours the ones in North over the South. With the top ones being societies like Ibtida – The Hindu College Hindi Dramatics Society, Abhivyakti – Indraprastha College’s Dramatics Society and Pixels – The Photography society of Hansraj College.

South Campus

A lot of South Campus students might have been pissed by now, shouting reasons in their head as to why it is the South which is better. Here is why South Campus is a good competition to the North and a part of the University’s glory.

1.) Top Ranking Colleges

The South and North are necks to neck here, with The South Campus priding itself with colleges like Sri Venkateswara, Jesus and Mary, Gargi College and and and Lady Shree Ram. There are many South Campus colleges which are counted in the top 10 of the university.

2.) Good placements and High Cutoffs

The cut-offs here might not match that of the North Campus except for a few exceptions like Lady Shree Ram, but they still don’t make it easy to get in, ranging mostly in the 95+ category. For the lower end colleges, however, the cutoffs might go down to 80s. The placement follows the same logic, with colleges like LSR, Sri Venkateswara, Jesus and Mary, Delhi College of Arts and Commerce giving their students good deals and also the placement cell in most of these colleges in really active.

3.) Famous Eateries

By now you have a hint that South Campus has its ups and downs, with not all colleges being at the same level as the others. Satya Niketan is literally at a hand’s distance for colleges like Ram Lal Anand, Sri Venkateswara and Motilal Nehru. While JMC and Maitreyi, have Diggin and other eating options which are relatively more expensive in Chanakyapuri. Gargi and Kamala Nehru have the nearest eating points in Hauz Khas Village.

4.) Location

South Campus colleges are as dispersed as they can be, with 4-5 colleges at one place and then 2-3 at the other and so on. Therefore, it lacks the advantage of proximity to other colleges that the North Campus has.

5.) Societies

Societies in the South Campus too are at a competing level with those in the North. The most famous names here are Nazakat – The Folk Dance Society of Gargi, WMS – The Western Music Choir of Lady Shri Ram and Galore – The Fashion Society of Maitreyi.

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So the comparison leads us to conclude that it’s as hard to predict who wins here as it is to tell who will sit on the Throne in GOT. But it would be safe to say that just like the Cold War, the end of the debate can conclude that although it is a tough fight, the North wins.

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