Nepotism, manipulation and erroneous use of authority. The dark side of DU College Societies.

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Nepotism refers to the practice of appointing relatives and friends in one’s organization to positions for which someone else might be better qualified. While you must be thinking that this term should have no connection to College Societies, well, you are highly mistaken. And, nobody can deny that at college level also, contacts and references can give you more positions than knowledge and experience.

Accordingly, freshers who want to get a position in college societies, try to make friends with guys in power. So that, at the time of auditions/interviews they get favor from their side. Literally, they act as sycophants in order to make good relations. Unobjectionably, the saddest part of all such things is that these will actually get you success, while people genuinely working hard get turned down for not doing chamchagiri.

Besides, favouritism sucks not because it gives an opportunity to an unworthy person but due to this, thousands of skillful talents go unnoticed. If the same post would have been selected after proper auditioning/interviewing and an unbiased selection procedure then the condition of these societies would be much better, since “it’s possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.”

Moreover, if such guys come into power then they do not realize the importance of hard work and relevant skills. They will make false decisions and do not appreciate real talent. Therefore, other members of society feel dissatisfied and they will also not come up with new and innovative ideas. All such things lead to stagnation in the working pattern of societies.

Consequently, societies won’t perform well, because they are following the same pattern as followed last year and the only thing responsible for such a critical condition is favoritism. And, if current leaders are like that then what we can expect from upcoming leaders. They will also follow the fixed path and grab a higher position and this process will continue year after year.

Lastly, if we can’t learn to execute and tackle better, we are going to get into a vicious cycle of favoritism. Now comes an elementary question, “how nepotism can be removed?” Here is the obvious reply that, we need to revamp the whole process of choosing a leader and even society members. The convenores and core team members of the societies should take the work into consideration rather than favoring the one who was clinging to them the entire year. Otherwise, we will not be able to remove conditions where an incompetent person is holding key positions.

In no way does it mean that all societies are the same and all people at the core positions are a result of favoritism. But any student studying at Delhi University has at least once witnessed this tradition, either being the victim or otherwise. And it is hard to deny that such incidents do occur.

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