Life of a DU student living in a PG accommodation

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Although, most of the DU scholars prefer to get hostel since paying guests are very costly in comparison to college hostel. However, hostel facilities in DU are extremely limited. Most of the co-ed colleges don’t have dedicated girls hostel. Therefore, a large segment of the Delhi University crowd stay in PG.

Furthermore, in spite of charging huge cost, that is, around 10k – 15k, these are sharing PG’s. So, you need to adjust with a person who may not be of your type. That means, definitely you face many problems. Since there are high chances that the vessel of sweets given by your mommy will be eaten by your roommate in your absence or something of value might be missing. Don’t forget to lock up everything of value. And, if you go out for food with your room partner then make sure that you all bear that cost, otherwise every time they will take your advantage. Certainly, these experiences would make you self reliant, independent, adventurous, but also they fetch pampering that you were getting at your home. Above all, you will miss the chapati of your mom and pocket money of your dad.

In spite of the fact that, these PG’s provide you facilities such as attached washrooms, CCTV cameras, Wi-fi connectivity, guard and security systems & four meals a day but do not remain in illusion that there are no elders coming to check you because most of the PG’s have following rules and regulations which act as elder’s third eye –

  • Boys are not allowed in girls PG and vice versa.
  • Most of the PG’s are open till 10:00 pm in the night.
  • Students have to sign in and sign out their timings on a register maintained by the security guards.
  • Drinking and smoking are not permissible.

However, unlike your parents, these PG cannot control your freedom of sleep. Since you find pleasure to wake up late without any interference from elders at midnight or to watch your favorite TV show. So, you will be your own boss there. Although at this age, these things might please you, in the long run, the same thing may haunt you since you procrastination become your habits. Thus, you need to find what is best for you as there is nobody to guide you at each stage. Most importantly, here you have the best opportunity to understand the value of money because at the beginning of each month you get some amount from your parents and you need to spend it in most productive ways.

Literally, it is the foremost platform to learn many skills and convert your dream into reality and if you get a nice partner then it will be like, “sone pe suhaga.”

All the best for your wonderful three years ahead!!!

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