Guide for Students of other States taking Admission in Delhi University

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Admission season is around the corner. Come July and you would be battling the heat and high cut-offs to get a seat in Delhi University. And if you are from outside Delhi, getting into DU becomes a whole new experience.

Delhi is a new city with new people. But don’t worry. You are not alone. We are here to guide you with your new journey.

Here is a list of what to do and what not to do as an outsider in Delhi University.

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Get out of Comfort Zone

Delhi is a small planet in itself. You will find different kinds of people here. Chances are you might end up meeting someone from your hometown. So the first thing you would have to do is to get out of your comfort zone and drop all your inhibitions. Go out and talk to people.

Find a home

Considering the number of students who take admission in DU each year, there is no dearth of PG accommodations. Ensure that you choose an accommodation which is near your college. You will not only save on transportation expenses but also on time. An added bonus: you can sleep for that extra hour and wake up 10 minutes before your lecture to make a run for it.


Don’t just stay snuggled inside your room enjoying your newly found freedom. Get out and explore the area around your PG and your college. You must become aware of your surroundings. Delhi is a beautiful and interesting city. You will soon fall in love with it. Give it a chance.


Of course, you would have to miss on the Ghar ka khana. But you can easily find affordable and healthy food options in and around the campus. If you are lucky you might even meet a friend who can get home prepped meals for you here and there.

New friends

You will make plenty of new friends and these friends won’t remain the same over the course of time. Meaning, you would be friends with a different set of people at different times. Group dynamics change and it is normal. Don’t worry about it.


It will be tempting to miss classes. But don’t. You can, of course, miss some. You will get a grasp of subjects by attending classes. You will also get an opportunity to know your professors better.

Events and competitions

DU organizes a new event or competition almost every day. You should not miss this experience.


You must have heard about the famous fests of DU earlier. Now, it is your time to witness them. Some of the most famous and well-organized fests are Mecca (Hindu College), Crossroads (SRCC), Nexus (Sri Venkateswara College), Tarang (Lady Shri Ram College), and Reverie (Gargi College) among others.

Extra-curricular activities

DU is known for its myriad of societies. It will be an experience of the life which you can’t get anywhere else. Be a part of any society which interests you.

Build your resume

It is never too early to build your resume in today’s competitive world. Start working on it from your first year to reap the benefits later on.

Register with Placement Cell

All colleges of DU have their own placement cell through which you can find an internship or your dream job. Register yourself with your college’s placement cell and become a member.

Get to know seniors

Befriend seniors. They can help you in time of your need. Be it troubles with your landlord or difficulty in an exam—they will always help you. You can borrow old textbooks as well as notes from them. And yes, they come in handy.

Marks and academics

While you are enjoying everything, don’t forget the real reason you are here—academics. Don’t give up on studies. You might find many distractions but don’t give into them. A DU degree with outstanding marks can take you places.

The fashion police

Yes, there will always be people who will judge you for the way you dress up. Experiment with your style and change your look but only if you want to. Don’t do anything under peer pressure.

Be friendly

Don’t be mean or rude to others. It won’t serve any purpose and only bring bitterness. You never know who will become your friend in need.

Beware of bullies

You might run into someone of this sort. But keep one thing in mind: nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. Be proud of yourself and your roots. If someone troubles you too much, confide with your friends and teachers.

This is your time. Live it to the fullest. Make memories.

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