DYC: The Biggest Youth Event of The Year

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The Youth of today is both a progenitor and the biggest stakeholder in the changes that are unfolding amidst us. Voicing of their dreams, hopes, concerns, and challenges that beckon them deserves the sharpest attention.

The Delhi Youth Conclave (DYC)’2019 is the fifth edition of the flagship event of the Delhi Chapter of Young Indians (Yi) -the youth wing of The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

It is a single day event scheduled on September 28, 2019, at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi and will be attended by 500+ audience comprising of college students, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

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(Visit our website: www.youngindiansdelhi.com/dyc) What makes DYC more interesting this year are the different formats which are stimulation of real-life situations.

This year, the theme of DYC is ‘Future of Life’ with the main agendas as Future of Relationships, Future of Tech, Future of Work, Future of Governance, Future of Leadership and Future of Mobility. Here’s a little more about the never-seen-before formats we have.

The masterclass is a deep-dive session into an economic, technological, or management topic by an Industry expert, business leader, senior government official. The format is similar to speaker sessions with theatre-style seating and audience size of ~ 200 per session.

This year, we have Ms Atishi Singh Marlena (Advisor to CM, Delhi) leading the Masterclass on Future of Governance and Mr Vikram Badhwar (Entrepreneur) leading Future of Leadership.

Another innovative format we have is the Huddle Format. It is an interactive Socratic style dialogue session with an audience of 25-30 students, who will experience an array of emotions as they sit down in an interactive and intensive discussion, within a circle of trust to huddle with several new faces and experience the Future of Relationships and Future of Work with them! The discussion will be driven by Mr Vivin Mathew, Yi Chair – Mumbai (for Future of Work) and Dr Navita Mahajan- Business Development Head, The Northern India Rubber Mills (for Future of Relationships).

The Tech Zone format, for our favourite science nerds out there, will require the use of technology to discuss and intellectualize over changing times and trends in a particular industry.

The Future of Technology will be witnessed through various live demonstrations which will include AR/VR, IoT, 3D Printing, Robotics, Electric Vehicles, Drones, etc. The companies showcasing their technology are Recog X, Arcturus Business Solution – Alon safety Asset, Simulanis, 3Dexter and GarudaUAV. The Boardroom Discussion as the name suggests is a formal meeting which focuses on the effects that any corporate crisis has on the stock market and on the people involved.

The format includes two segments, the first being a roleplay and the second being a debriefing. In the said roleplay, the students assume different roles from within the company’s board, whilst the moderator will assume the role of an external inquisitor who would guide the participants through the discussion. After about half an hour of brainstorming and unplanned enactments, the discussion will move forward to the potential solutions to the problem and the plan of action for such scenarios.

The topics for discussion are:

● CCD crisis- Board meets post the demise of the founder to discuss the various challenges facing the company including debt, investor confidence, divestment plans and a mock simulation of how the board will address these challenges. This session will be moderated by Mr Rahul Mirchandani- Chairman & MD Aries Argo Ltd. and Mr Dhaval GuptaDirector, Cybermedia Group.

● Jet Airways Insolvency- As the flagship carrier’s operations grind to a halt, the board meets to evaluate various options to save the company and revive operations.

The multiple stakeholders discuss and drive the discussions towards end objectives. This session will be moderated by Ms Manjira Khurana- Ind. non-exec. Director AVTEC and Shri S. Vishwanathan- Ex MD & GE (Associates and Subsidiaries) of SBI.

This edition of the Delhi Youth Conclave is going to be bigger, and it surely is going to be one of the best. So hold on tight and have fun!

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