6 Reasons why an Internship is Important for your Future Career

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Have you ever wondered why is it important to do internships along with managing your academic career? Firm all want us to have work experience and why is that a necessity?

Here are 6 reasons why internships are important and what is it about them that makes the firms more interested in you.

1. CV Building

CV is an abbreviation for Curriculum Vitae, you might also know it as your résumé.

One the first things you learn about adult life and jobs is that the first step towards getting one requires you to help the firm or recruiter in question understand the reasons which make you the right fit for the job.

A résumé is basically a collection of all your achievements, experiences and skills, and is your most important selling point.

Doing as many internships as possible not only leads to greater knowledge about your field but also makes the employers more interested in you by setting you apart from other candidates who might have had more training but lack experience.

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2. Experience

Experience is just as important as skill. Internships polish your talents and gives you an insight into the dynamics of work life and most of all it teaches you time management.

Each internship you could, teaches you a new thing, a new perspective and helps you realise if you’re actually driving your career in the right direction.

That is why while employing most companies ask what your experience level is, being inexperienced is almost as bad as being unskilled. Talent and hard work together bread success.

3. Professionalism

You might get to interact with people who might be higher or lower to you in the organizational hierarchy.

The way you communicate with them teaches you work ethic, which is really important in almost all job scenarios. Interacting with juniors teaches you skills like management and interaction with seniors teaches you how to act in accordance with the working code, other things patience, duty and professionalism.

All these skills are exclusive to a work environment and the sooner you learn the better it is when you get employed for a full-time job.

4. Building contacts

It’s no news as to how important it is to have contacts in life. We are social animals, and networking is important for us to associate to the right kind of people so that we don’t miss out on future opportunities.

Having contacts can sometimes act a precursor to your career as well. Here contacts refer not only to your fellow colleagues, but also prospective employers.

Generally while working with a particular agency, you get a chance to coordinate with professionals from another as well, which might turn out be an advantage later on.

5. Understanding the work dynamic

Your idea of what a job might be can be very different from reality. Metaphorically speaking, it’s better to start a game on level 1 and progress further than to jump straight to level 10.

Getting a job straight out of college, with no internship experience prior to it might be very stressful for some people.

Whether it’s work from home or a part-time job, internships help you understand what it actually means to work, so that when you do a full-time job, you’re better adjusted to it and hence leading to better performance and progress.

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6. Opportunity to assess your skills

Not all of us have a clear idea about who we are and what we want to be. Self-identity is one of the most tricky subjects for people as it’s difficult to know if your own assessment of skills and attitudes match with others’ analysis of it as well.

Choosing a career can be one of the most difficult decisions to make in life. It involves weighing in on your pros and cons, but to do that you need to know what those actually are.

Internships give you exposure which helps you to get a better understanding of what exactly are your merits and where do you lack. Sometimes, one might discover talents they never knew existed.

In conclusion, all the six aforementioned steps are really important parts of having a successful and content professional life.

Do as many internships as possible depending upon the amount of time you have to contribute to them. It is also very important to be wise about choosing internships as they are the pillars to your future career foundation.

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