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DU Admissions 2019: What all has changed? What all is new?


This year a number of changes have been introduced by DU. A uniform relaxation of 1% will be given to the female students seeking admission in DU. This year NTA has been reached out by DU to preside over its entrance examinations. Also, DU has forethought the issuance of smart ID cards with akin semblances. The ID cards of all colleges will be a facsimile of each other with the stamp of each college on the ID card serving as grounds of contrast.

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Furthermore, In order to circumvent the submission of phony documents by students at the time of admission, this year onwards there will be a forensic analysis of the documents submitted.

The varsity will be able to directly access the results of the students who have studied in a CBSE school, under a tie-up with CBSE. Till now, the documents had to be manually scrutinized by the colleges at the time of admission. The tie-up with CBSE will axe this burden by a considerable portion. Also, for other boards, the weightage calculation will be automated.

Students should be on the qui vive as submission of any phony document will lead to a police complaint being filed against them. The colleges will be provided with a list of enrolled agencies which will conduct the forensic analysis.

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