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DU Teacher Accuses college Principal of Harassment


A complaint has been filed against the principal of Delhi University’s (DU) south campus by a college teacher.

A letter was written by the teacher to the university authorities including the vice-chancellor’s office and the executive council (EC) in the past week and admonished her to set up an independent inquiry against the principal.

The complaint was lodged on the basis of molestation. The 52-year-old teacher alleged that she has been abused and humiliated by the principal since 2013.

She Voiced, “I have been targeted for raising my voice against all irregularities in my department and the college over this period of time. I am being harassed and humiliated constantly while dispensing my duties and was also threatened of dire consequences for not following the principal’s directions.”

The Professor also denounced the principal of outraging her modesty.

She stated,

“I was asked to meet him alone many times but I did not comply with him. He has used highly derogatory and humiliating words against me many times…I request you set up an independent inquiry and to take proper action against him.”

In accordance with the above charges and denying them the principal stated,

“The teacher is leveling false allegations against me because I recently issued a notice to her for being irregular. She has not been performing her academic duties properly and I have been constantly raising this with the college management.”

The principal also reported that the concerned teacher had earlier raised similar allegations in 2013 following which action was taken against her.

He delineated,

“She had misbehaved with the governing body members in 2013 after which she was demoted.”

The teacher stated that she had never misbehaved with anyone and has to be removed from her former post due to circumstances which were unavoidable.

An EC member said,

“We have received the complaint but this matter should first report to the college’s governing body.”

However. the complaint has been received by the higher authorities and they have been looking into the same.


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