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Drug Peddler Busted in Delhi University’s North Campus

Drug Peddler Busted in Delhi University's North Campus

A 36-year old man was handcuffed for allegedly supplying drugs to his clients in Delhi University’s North Campus area.

The man, Munish Gautam, as identified by the police, possessed a type of drug called ‘malana cream hashish’ worth Rs 2 Crore.

According to police reports, Munish Gautam was a resident of Wazirabad in Delhi. He had graduated from Delhi University’s School of Open Learning itself a long time ago.

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Munish is originally from Pushkar in Rajasthan and used get his supplies from there. His mainstay at Delhi was to sell the same drugs and earn a profit from them.

The police tracked down Gautam’s movement near the International guest house of DU on Tuesday. And as soon as he was spotted a trap was laid by the police officials and he was finally arrested from the venue.

Rajiv Ranjan, additional Police commissioner mentioned,

“As soon as we spotted him, our team cornered and arrested him. After a search, we recovered 2 kilos of hashish from him that had been concealed in a polythene bag. The recovered hashish is valued at Rs 2 Crore.”

In an interrogation, the suspect also revealed that he also used to go to Bhuntar in Himachal Pradesh to buy high-quality fresh hashish.

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