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Diwali : A Festival of Joy, Happiness, lights and Unity


Our country is renowned for the assorted festivals and traditions celebrated with great zeal and ebullience. One of the major festivals which ushers in joy and happiness is the ‘festival of lights’ as it is massively known as Diwali.

Now, Diwali is not just a day’s celebration. It is whole week rituals and festivities leading to the big grand day, just like an Indian wedding.

There are many reasons in Indian mythology to celebrate Diwali but the most famous among them is the return of the Hindu god Ram to Ayodhya after an exile of 14 years and defeating the demon king Ravan.

This festival reminds us that sooner or later the good and justice shall prevail.

Diwali week starts off with ‘Dhan Teras’, during which a huge amount of shopping is done. To be specific gold, silver, Jewellery, utensils or for that matter any extravagant item which you wished to own, is bought on this auspicious day.

The markets are flooded with people and you get to see vibrant lights and sweets all around and feel the warmth and advent of Diwali.

Then comes the ‘Choti Diwali’ which in today’s time is the day to meet friends and family and exchange gifts, sweets and wishes.

And then arrives the big day ‘Diwali’, preparations start since early morning as homes are decorated with beautiful lights and flower strings. Rangoli is made beautifully to make sure yours is better than your neighbour’s. New clothes are worn in honour of the commencement of the new year according to the Hindu calendar.

And later at night, the whole house is decorated with beautiful diyas making a serene and picturesque sight. Prayers are offered to goddess Lakshmi to bestow our lives with good times and fortune. Happiness lights up our faces just like the crackers in the sky.

The next day is celebrated as ‘Govardhan pooja’ and ‘Vishwakarma day’ where people worship their machines, arms and instruments. And finishing off the festive season comes ‘Bhai Dooj’. As sisters celebrate and prepare sweets wishing their brothers a happy, healthy and long life full of success.

As our festivities come to an end we hope for a better year, and we get back to our work a ray of positivity and optimism surrounds us.

No matter how hard times were this past year, remember all bad things come to an end and goodness shall prevail. That’s what our festivals speak to us, celebrate and live in hope of best to come.






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